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We specialize in cost-effective, sustainable design of a variety of project types in Bangladesh.

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Full-Service Consulting Engineering with Education.


We specialize in cost-effective, sustainable design of a variety of project types in Bangladesh. These include:

  • Green Factory/Industrial factory

    Green Factory means a low-carbon economic era-type facility equipped with eco-friendly design and manufacturing processes that efficiently improve greenhouse gas emission, environmental pollution and energy consumption.

  • Commercial buildings

    commercial buildings referred to as ultra-low energy buildings. Natural ventilation methods, such as solar heating or thermal mass cooling, use passive systems, rather than mechanical, to supply outdoor air to a building's interior for ventilation and cooling.

  • Educational buildings

    Green Building designed to educate building users about green building design and often broader themes about the connection between buildings and their surrounding ecosystems.

  • Healthcare facilities

  • Advanced Technology buildings

  • Institutional facilities

Our services include mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) consulting engineering, building commissioning, CFD modeling, lighting design, technology integration, energy services and 3D modeling. We administer comprehensive sustainable building services engineering as a single coordinated package to our clients. With well-equipped training facilities, we are well positioned to serve our clients. Our passion is engineering green buildings that work.

A Focus on Sustainability

BGBA is a leader in sustainable design. We are a longtime member and active in the U.S. Green Building Council, the premier green building organization in the United States.

BGBA's staff includes over 30 LEED Green Associate APs-2, and we have collaborated with clients and owners in the development of over 4 LEED certified and/or registered projects. BGBA takes particular pride in the energy efficient and sustainable building technologies that we incorporate into our projects, such as radiant heating and cooling, daylight and rainwater harvesting, and photovoltaics.

Health Benefits:

Health benefits from green building are greater than just a better natural feeling. From the National Institute of Building Sciences’ “Whole Building Design Guide”, here are some health statistics to think about (Notes in footer) US EPA ranks indoor air pollution among top five environmental risks. Unhealthy air is found in up to 30% of new and renovated buildings W.H.O. reports that indoor air pollution causes 14 times more deaths than outdoor air pollution (2.8 million lives) of hundreds of EPA-regulated chemicals, only ozone and sulfur dioxide are more prevalent outdoor than indoors 20 percent of all housing in the US has too much lead dust or chippings (causes kidney and red blood cell damage, impairs mental and physical development, may increase high blood pressure) about a quarter of the nation’s largest industrial plants and water treatment facilities are in serious violation of pollution standards at any one time an estimated 7 million Americans are made sick annually by contaminated tap water; in some rare cases this results in death These risks can be reduced and conditions improved by following green building concepts in: regulating natural air ventilation and quality non-toxic, natural and renewable materials regulated water and efficient appliances


Maintaining a building is important to ensuring it remains sustainable and profitable. Like one would do with a car, as the building ages, it is important to check areas of the building to make sure they are still at an acceptable quality level. However, the nice thing about green building is that even though initial costs of implementation are higher, long-term maintenance is often much less of a hassle! Consider the idea of design concepts taking into account the increased usage of natural light and temperature control services–the more natural used, the less maintenance of and dependency on furnaces, air conditioners, and lighting systems you will have to worry about, as they will be used less. Smaller scale maintenance, such as cleaning the building, can also be chosen and used to improve indoor air quality, reduce water pollution, and maintain environmentally sustainable concepts. Some notions to keep in mind when choosing cleaning products are: choose less hazardous products to minimize negative impacts on human health, air quality and reduce water pollution avoid products with corrosive, carcinogenic and other irritating or volatile organic chemicals this will reduce hazardous waste costs when the time comes to dispose or any leftover product in the appropriate manner buy cleaners with returnable or recyclable packaging to reduce waste, or buy them in bulk or concentrates–with refillable/reusable containers if available pay careful attention that excess product is disposed of appropriately. Contact the product company or a local institute for information if you are unsure.

Reduce Waste:

Waste can be reduced on several levels by taking a green approach to building. In terms of construction, using the materials listed above helps divert waste from landfills. With the appropriate green-building measures, waste reduction carries on to the operation of a building as well. on site waste management, such as separating garbage, recycling and compost centralized wastewater treatment systems reuse wastewater from dishwashing or washing machines however, these are costly and use a lot of energy–there are many smaller steps to be taken as an alternative, such as low power showerheads, converting wastewater to fertilizer via a biogas plant, and more making it easy for occupants to reduce energy waste as a part of their daily routines, such as intelligent building design to allow them enough light that daytime lights are unnecessary, to mention one option, Ultimately, from diverting waste from landfills in the construction process, to designing efficiently to minimize waste during operation, to ensuring on-site maintenance chooses efficient products and processes, keeping green concepts in mind throughout all stages of building life cycle will contribute to waste reduction. As they are just static structures, buildings aren’t often regarded in great detail unless by an architect, civil planner or something of the sort. However, as described by data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, buildings are responsible for almost half (48%) of all annual greenhouse gas emissions in the U.SA

Ultimately, even the smallest of efforts made in green building can make a large-scale difference to not only the environment, but also health and finances.

Bangladesh Green Building Academy always play an innovative technology and quality, making the most of our vast experience and many achievements in these sectors, will continue to offer a verity of design, drawing with consultancy from Telecom, Financial Institute, power Generation & RGM Sector Industry hardware to build and support social infrastructure. Our basic and innovate R&D efforts will continue to improve our quantity to meet not only local demand but also abroad.

We re-call our customers and grateful to them for giving us an opportunity to be specialized in the respective field. We hope that activity in this specialized field will contribute to realizing a society of higher quantity in our country in which we are involved.

In fact, Bangladesh Green Building Academy. was founded in 2014 in Dhaka by a group of engineers as an unregistered partnership firm to success above views after that 2015 it was listed by joint stock a private company by share. To expand its working area and to provide the best quality product and services this company was incorporated as a private limited company with share owned by the shareholders in the year of 2014 by combining together.

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to deliver expert green building consultancy and MEP design services that seamlessly integrate state-of-the-art sustainable technologies with thoughtful design principles. Bangladesh Green Building Academy is dedicated to empowering our clients to craft spaces that not only captivate aesthetically but also uphold environmental friendliness and energy efficiency and contribute positively to the well-being of occupants.


To stand as the foremost authority in bangladesh's sustainable construction landscape, Bangladesh Green Building Academy aspires to lead the way in environmentally responsible construction practices. We aim to be pioneers in innovative green building consultancy and MEP design, envisioning a future where each building mirrors a dedication to ecological balance, energy efficiency, and a harmonious coexistence with nature.

Our Valuable Clients

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Keeping it integration with reliable.

Bangladesh Green Building Academy (BGBA) simplifies the design process for our clients by providing a comprehensive building engineering solution, coordinated as a multi-disciplined approach. Formulating innovative solutions to complex challenges is what we do best, and what we enjoy most about our business. Surpassing expectations is our goal, and great projects are the results.

We are providing the following services and products for our client in around Bangladesh. Our clients Telecommunication & Mobile communication System, RMG sector, Banking Sector, Hospital, Pharmaceuticals Sectors, Industrial Sector, Quality Control Lab and Environment Control for critical operations.

A. LEED MEP consultant (as per usgbc):

BGBA is MEP consultant firm for Green Building /Factory in Bangladesh Territory. Our honorable managing partner passed B.Sc & M.Sc Engineering from Mechanical . Early his professional career he was doing job in HVAC installation, and operation in renown project. Al-Emran Hossain is also the first “Data Center Certified” in Bangladesh (CDCP & CDCS), also he completed CST-I, CST-II and PPE from AVO Training Institute-USA (sister concern of General Electric), also He had completed NFPA 20, 13, 14 and 72 online course and seminars with CE hour from NFPA. He was working CRAC expert in Telecom and Datacenter (Commercial Institute) projects.

Briefly present working area:

- HVAC and CRAC designer and drawing for Telecom BSC/MSC and Datacenter
- Design, Drawing, Installation and Operation for Fire Suppression (with hydraulic calculation) for DC and MSC/BSC
- Design, Drawing, Installation and Operation of Aerosol Type based fire suppression system for DC, sub-station, generator and control room
- Design, drawing, Installation and Commissioning standpipe and Sprinkler system in RMG sector (As per NFPA guideline)
- Design, drawing and consultancy of plumbing for RMG factories
- Design, drawing, installation and commissioning total electric power system for Green factory
- Design, drawing and installation of Lighting protection system for High Rise Building
- Design, drawing of Single Line Diagram and with OLD
- Design, drawing of Physical surveillance and Security Access System
- Energy Modeling with eQUEST and TRAN Trace 700 software
- Design, Drawing of Indoor Environmental Quality Ventilation system (For Green Project)
- Design, drawing of landscape Irrigation and Indoor Water Efficiency fixture (as per LEED project)
- Design and drawing of Plumbing System for LEED Project
- Design and Drawing of Building Automation System (BAM, EMS)

B. Consultancy & CAP sheet solution as per ACCORD/ALLIANCE:

We have qualified NFPA certified Engineer and Practically Accord /Alliance auditor who has been served last 18 months in RGM sector. We are doing the following jobs:

(i)       Pre-assessment /Post- assessment for Electric and Fire safety for RMG factory
(ii)      Prepare assessment report and requirement quantity as per ACCORD/ALLIANCE CAP report
(iii)     Given solution with product which required as per ACCORD/ALLIANCE CAP report
(iv)     Prepare details structural /Fire safety / Electrical analysis and computer modulation
(v)      Design, drawing of Fire Detection, Hydrant, Sprinkler systems as per NFPA -72, NFPA-14, NFPA-13, 20, 22 & 25
(vi)     Also calculation of Fire pump head, riser flow, sprinkler capacity as per Hazard with use of software (Pipe flow and SPRINKTECK)
(vii)    Survey factory and find out Fire rated Door position with 2D/3D drawing
(viii)   Supply Electrical goods as per NEC -13/NFPA-70E and Lighting systems
(ix)     Prepare Single Line diagram, Electrical diagram, power distribution board connection with earthling systems
(x)     Our supplied Fire hydrant, Fire Protection, Sprinkler and Fire Door are UL listed with others certification
(xi)     As per buyer requirement, also we will have audited separately for fire safety
(xii)    Also we are supplied security/Fire doors as per NFPA 101
(xiii)   Automatic Door Holder and release during fire alarm incident
(xiv)   We are integrating with old systems fire detection systems with Addressable systems
(xv)    Also we are doing consultancy for drawing and project monitoring others vendors


1. Heating/Ventilating/Air Conditioning

2. Process Piping

3. Plumbing

4. Fire Protection

5. Medical Gases

6. Building Analysis

7. Studies(Credential)

8. Clean Rooms

9. Building Automation & Controls


1. Power Distribution

2. Standby Power Systems

3. Lighting Design

4. Life-Safety/Fire Alarm

5. Studies/Reports

6. Harmonic Analysis & Control

7. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

8. Cogeneration

Technology Integration

1. Structured Cabling Systems Design

2. Copper & Fiber Systems

3. Campus/Riser Systems Design

4. LAN/WAN Design

5. Security Systems Design

6. Audio/Video Design

7. Telecom/Network Equipment

Sustainable Design

1. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

2. Building Information Modeling (BIM)

3. LEED Certification Calculations

4. Energy Compliance Forms

5. Natural Ventilation

6. Building Analysis

7. Thermal Energy Storage

8. Tax Credit Submissions

9. Solar energy

10. Radiant Heating & Cooling i.e. Chilled Beams

11. Displacement Ventilation/Raised Access Floors

12. Building-Integrated Photovoltaics

13. Building-Integrated Wind Turbines

14. Cogeneration

15. Water Conservation

16. Energy Services

17. Energy Management

18. Energy Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (ELCCA)

Comprehensive Commissioning

1. Quality Control

2. Pre-Functional Test Reports

3. Functional Testing Observation

4. Commissioning Integration

5. Commissioning Reports

6. LEED Certification Commissioning

7. Barrier Leakage Testing

8. Carbon Monoxide Control Systems Third Party Special Inspections

9. Smoke Control Systems Third Party Special Inspections

10. Troubleshooting

11. Retro-Commissioning

Sustainability Consultant

1. GRE Report

2. SDG Consultancy

3. EIA


5. HIGG FEM 4.0

6. HIGG Index

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Our Honourable President Message

Al-Emran Hossain

Bangladesh Green Building Academy


Dear Client and stakeholders

I am honored and privileged to address you as the CEO of the Bangladesh Green Building Academy. As we stand at the forefront of the sustainable construction landscape in Bangladesh, it is my distinct pleasure to share with you the vision and mission that guide our endeavors and shape our commitment to excellence.

As we undertake national and international projects, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. We understand that the challenges of the 21st century require innovative and sustainable solutions. Through our mission, we aim to be at the forefront of providing these solutions, ensuring that each project we undertake reflects our dedication to a greener and more sustainable future.

The journey ahead is undoubtedly challenging, but it is also filled with opportunities for positive impact. Together, as a team at bangladesh Green Building Academy, we shall navigate these challenges and continue to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of sustainable construction practices. Our vision is ambitiuos, but with dedication, collaboration, and a shared commitment to excellence, we can turn it into reality.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to each member of the Bangladesh Green Building Academy for their dedication and hard work, Let us move forward with determination, knowing that our efforts today will shape a more sustainable and environmentally consciuos tomorrow./p>

Thank you for your continued support.


Engr. Md. Al-Emran Hossain


CEO, Bangladesh Green Building Academy

I am an accomplished Mechanical Practice Engineer(PE) with a strong foundation in refrigeration and air conditioning. With a passion for excellence, i've dedicated my career to masrtering MEP design, particularly in commercial and industrial building infrastructures.

My consultancy focuses on elevating fire and electrical safety standards within RMG businesses, aligning with ACCORD/ALLIANCE/ILO/RSC requirements and regulations governed by DIFE/BEZA/EPZ. Safety is the cornerstone of my work, especially within industrial environments.

My expertise is reflected in a range of certifications, including USGBC's CST-I,CST-II,PPE,EI,CDCP,CDCS,BCxP,IAAI-CFI, OSHA-OSHP,BMS and LEED AP, showcasing proficiency across diverse fields.

Renowned for my industrial machine layout designs in the RMG sector, i've expanded my horizon over the past decade, delving into the teaching of green building practices, with a focus on advanced energy modeling using industry-recognized software.

Active engagement in national green construction initiatives allows me to blend my expertise in environmentally conscious MEP design. Early in my career, I served as an esteemed MEP and Fire Safety Trainer/Educator at prominent establishments like PWD/Rpads & Highway Department, FSCD, and CTTC.

Notable Projects:

(i) HSIA Hanger Project-MEP Consultant,    (ii) Padma Oil Head Office,    (iii) NOVO Theatre Barishal,   (iv) Padma Railway Bridge Project,    (v) Beximco Group,   (vi) New/Knit Asia Group,    (vii) Palmal Group,    (viii) Bangladesh Bank DC,    (ix) PBL DC,    (x) United Group Medical & Hospital Project.

Being a LEED Consultant also completed and Ongoing the following projects:

(1) Muselina Washing Ltd,    (2) Arkay Knit Dying Ltd,    (3) Palmal Group,    (4) Walk Leather Products Ltd,    (5) Vertex Group,   (6) Hama Clothing Ltd,    (7) Ayesha Clothing Ltd (Palmal Group),    (8) RAAD Industries Ltd,    (9) Greenleaf Innovation Ltd,    (10) Adams Styles Ltd,    (11) Mehnaz Styles & Craft Ltd,    (12) Beximco Group,    (13) Knit Asia Group (15 projects),    (14) JM Fabrics Ltd,    (15) Knit Plus (2Projects),    (16) Karim Group.

Frequently Asked Questions F.A.Q

  • Green building (also known as green construction or sustainable building) refers to both a structure and the application of processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's life-cycle: from planning to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition.

  • 1. Optimize the Site Potential.

    2. Protect and Conserve Water.

    3. Enhance Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ).

    4. Optimize the Use of Materials and Space.

    5. Optimize Energy Use.

  • Green buildings help reduce negative impacts on the natural environment by using less water, energy, and other natural resources;employing renewable energy sources and eco-friendly materials; and reducing emissions and other waste.

  • 1. Bamboo

    2. Reclaimed or Recycled Steel

    3. Straw Bales

    4. Smart Glass Windows

    5. Mudbrick

    6. Concrete Alternatives

    7. Ashcrete

    8. Hempcrete

    9. Timbercrete

    10. Sandcrete

    11. Grasscrete

    12. Woodcrete

    13. Composite roofing shingles

    14. Recycled plastic

    15. Cork

    16. Insulated concrete framing

    17. Wool for insulation

    18. Ferrock

    19. Mycelium (fungi root)

    20. Rammed earth

    21. Reclaimed wood

  • Water conservation during the whole life span of a building can be achieved by designing dual plumbing that recycles the water used in water closets and the water used to wash cars, using water efficient fittings and fixtures such as ultra-low flushing toilets, bidets and low flow shower heads.

  • Energy-efficient buildings reduce operational costs and energy bills for building occupants. Utilizing renewable energy can help achieve net-zero energy buildings. Renewable energy technologies often have lower maintenance costs and longer lifespans compared to traditional systems.

  • Waste Reduction: Waste reduction strategies such as source reduction, reuse, and recycling can help to minimize the amount of waste generated during construction.

  • Green building features energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, and improved indoor environments. Green buildings reduce carbon emissions, conserve resources, and provide economic benefits. Sustainable urban planning embraces compact development, public transportation, green spaces, and social equity.

  • Many product certifications are also recognized within comprehensive green building rating systems such as LEED, Green Globes, BREEAM, and the National Green Building Standard

  • Green retrofits offer significant cost savings through improved energy efficiency. Enhanced indoor air quality and increased property value are additional benefits of sustainable retrofits. Key features of green retrofitting include energy-efficient lighting, renewable energy integration, and smart building automation.

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